Jeffrey Gorley

Director of Public Safety

    The Director of Public Safety, Mr. Jeffrey C. Gorley, comes to us from the Housing Authority of the Birmingham district. He also served as the Director of Security and Safety for six (6) years at the Passaic Housing Authority. Director Gorley also served as crime reduction coordinator for the Miami Dade County, Florida, Public Housing Agency and in a similar role in Waynesboro, Virginia.

    Director Gorley has been credited with the reduction of crime in Passaic, New Jersey, Miami, Florida and Waynesboro Public Housing. He served as the Director of Public Safety in Opa Locka, Florida where that city saw a 98% drop in crime under his tenure, particularly in one of the City’s most dangerous neighborhoods known as the “Triangle”.

    He was the recipient of numerous awards including “Miami Police Chief Award” and received the highest honor for outstanding work from the Atlanta based institute for Social Justice for his work in Miami and an award from Florida Memorial College for “Excellence” for his dedication in Criminal Justice.

    While working in Passaic, New Jersey, Director Gorley was instrumental in rooting out narcotics in that City’s Public Housing communities where he led a widespread crackdown in 2013 on drug offenses within Passaic public housing communities and received numerous awards and accolades from city, state and federal officials for his work in the city of Passaic.