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Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8)
Thinking About Moving?

Family Requested Moves

Please remember that a family is not permitted to move during the initial lease term. After the initial lease term, families may move no more frequently than once every twelve months.

A participant family, who wants to move, must vacate the unit in compliance with the lease (e.g. provide landlord with adequate notice). You must provide NHA thirty (30) days written notice and a Request for Tenancy Approval in order to receive a Voucher to lease a new unit. NHA may conduct a criminal background check of the members of the household who are 18 years of age and older prior to approving the issuance of a voucher to move. Provided all obligations have been met, the family will be issued a Voucher to lease a new unit.

The requirement to vacate the unit in compliance with the lease may be waived if a family requests a portability move due to actual or threatened domestic violence, dating violence or stalking. NHA will request in writing that tenants that seek to move under a claim of abuse complete the HUD Certification of Domestic Violence, Dating Violence or Stalking or provide other documentation in lieu of the form.

Moves Required by NHA

NHA may require participant families to move from one unit to another unit if the unit is overcrowded or the owner fails to comply with HQS requirements.


NHA's jurisdiction is in the City of Newark. Portability is using your voucher outside of the City of Newark. A voucher holder has the right to receive tenant-based voucher assistance anywhere in the United States (including Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands), where a housing authority operates a tenant-based voucher program.

A family, in which the head, spouse or co-head of the family lives within the City of Newark on the date of application, is eligible for portability as long as they are compliant with program requirements. A non-resident family issued a voucher by NHA and moving into the City of Newark must live in the City for 12 months before being eligible for the portability provision.

Does this mean that I can take my voucher anywhere in the United States?

  1. As long as you move to a community where there is a housing authority with a voucher program, and
  2. If you move to another jurisdiction, you must meet eligibility criteria for admission.

Contact information for all Public Housing Agencies administering the Housing Choice Voucher Program can be found by following the link below: http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD?src=/program_offices/public_indian_housing/pha/contacts.

How Does Portability Work?

If you intend to move to another jurisdiction, outside of the City of Newark, you must inform NHA in writing when you want to move using the portability feature. If you decide after your annual recertification that you want to port-out, please contact us at (973) 273-6200, and request to speak to your assigned Housing Specialist. The housing authority where you plan to move will have to be contacted so that your case can be properly transferred.