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A part of NHA’s mission is to invest in its families in order to promote economic self-sufficiency and build healthier communities. The objectives and goals of The Family Services Divisions (FSD) are to provide the means, opportunities and supportive services necessary to achieve that mission. FSD seeks to form linkage agreements with service providers that will provide our resident population with education, training, counseling, employment opportunities and medical attention.

Through a network of community partners and a referral process, services are made readily accessible to our residents. NHA offers a number of programs through partnerships to help meet the needs of its residents and help them achieve the goal of self-sufficiency. Some of these programs prepare them to join the workforce through basic adult education and/or skills training, or through seminars and workshops on how to better manage household finances. Other programs provide counseling services to help residents meet challenges. Please take a tour with these pages and familiarize yourself with our menu of services. We are certain that you will find something for everyone.