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Resident Services: Senior Programs

Case Management

Newark Housing Authority's social service staff is available to assist senior and young disabled residents with activities of daily living skills. Services include, but are not limited to, home visits, ensuring entitlements such as Medicare, Medicaid, SSI, home health aid services, transportation, medical and mental health referrals. Referrals for a city based agency can be obtained by residents based on eligibility.

Social Security Outreach

This annual outreach program, provided by the Social Security Administration in collaboration with the New Jersey Medicaid office, provides information to our residents pertaining to eligibility and concerns regarding entitlements.

Crime Prevention and Fire Safety Program

The City of Newark's Police and Fire Department visit senior sites annually to lead workshops regarding general safety tips and fire prevention.

Health & Wellness

"I'm OK"

Participants in this health assurance program hang an "I'm OK" sign on their doorknob each morning. If the floor captain notices that a resident has not placed the "OK" sign on the door, he/she will investigate to see if the resident is in need of assistance or medical attention.

Note: The floor captain is a volunteer position. If you would like to participate, please contact your Tenant Association president.

On-Site Medical Clinics

The medical clinics provide health care services to our residents. The clinics are open Monday-Friday at the following locations:
  • Baxter Terrace Elderly
  • James C. White Manor
For hours of operation contact (973) 273-6286.

Mental Health/Substance Abuse Counseling

The service provides on-site counseling, case management, advocacy and coordination of social and mental health services staff. Staff establishes partnerships with various mental health service agencies in order to serve our mentally disabled residents. This service is provided at our on-site clinic located at Kretchmer Homes, 35 Van Vetchen Street. For more information call (973) 273-6692.

Hobbies & Recreation

On-Site Activities

Many of our senior sites have been renovated in the past year. We have paid special attention to our community rooms, where residents can participate in arts and crafts programs and regular bingo games. A number of these lounges now have billiard tables, fireplaces and widescreen televisions.

Pool, Cards, and Chess Tournaments

NHA sponsors various in-house annual tournaments at senior sites, usually in the fall. If you would like to participate, please contact your Tenant Association president.

Master Gardener's Program at Rutgers University

The goal of the program is to beautify residents' surrounding by growing plants and flowers. Residents will also be able to eat healthier by growing their own fruits, herbs and vegetables. Residents interested in gardening are encouraged to sign-up with Rutger's Master Gardener's program. For more information, you may contact the school directly at (973) 353-5958.

Annual Senior Gala

During the Christmas holiday, NHA will host an annual Senior Gala to allow the seniors to come out and enjoy an elegant luncheon dressed in their Sunday best. Tickets are sold on a first come, first serve basis. For information, see your Tenant Association president.

Exercise & Fitness

Swimming and Aqua Aerobics for Seniors Only!

Essex County College is our partner for this 10-15 week senior fitness program), held Tuesday through Thursday from 5:00-6:00 PM at the John F.Kennedy Recreation Center. The program is free.

Food & Nutrition

Farmer's Market (Seasonal)

Residents are invited to participate. Transportation is provided by the host agency. It's a great way to buy fresh-picked fruits and vegetables direct from local growers. The market is open August thru October. For more information see your Tenant Association president.

Nutrition program through Newark's Division of Aging

The City of Newark's Office of Aging offers congregate meals at three of our elderly complexes: Gigi Foushee Towers, James C. White Manor and Stephen Crane Elderly.

Food Stamps program

Monthly outreach is provided by Essex County. Eligible residents are able to receive a monthly stipend for groceries. On a monthly basis, an opportunity to enroll in this program is provided by the Essex County Welfare Office. The NHA may schedule an on-site enrollment day or you may to go to the central office located at 18 Rector Street, Newark. Only eligible residents will receive food stamps.

Food for a Better Mood

In order to assure that our residents never suffer from hunger, the Newark Housing Authority and the Community Food Bank of New Jersey have established a relationship, which allows us to create a community service linkage program to distribute food to our residents on a monthly basis.

Non-profit organizations served by the Community Food Bank provide food assistance to as many as 537,000 low-income people in the state each year. Many of the households that are being served include at least one employed adult. At the end of each month most of our NHA tenant associations receive their food distribution from the Community Food Bank. Residents are advised of the date, time and location of distribution. An increasing number of residents are currently receiving food from twenty different participating associations.

Shopping Trips

NHA operates a fleet of four 22-passenger buses to transport residents of our senior developments to local supermarkets twice a week. Residents at family sites are transported once a week. Schedules may be found at your manager's office or posted in the main lobby.