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Tenant Associations

Each tenant association is an independent non-profit corporation. They are guided by by-laws. There are 28 public housing tenant associations at the various NHA sites that are funded by Annual Contribution Contract set-aside funds. There is one tenant association that is funded by Section 8 set-aside funds. The amount of funding is $25 for each occupied unit subject to pro-ration.

The tenant associations are required by their by-laws and the Funding Agreement to have nine monthly meetings per year. At these meetings, members report information received from the Resident Advisory Board's monthly meeting and compile management concerns received from the residents of their communities. These concerns are prioritized and the three most important issues to the community are presented to NHA for discussion and resolution at the Operation Department's monthly housing group meeting. The monthly group meeting is attended by tenant association leaders, the asset manager, superintendant of the community, the housing group asset manager and the director of property management.

The Tenant Affairs Division interacts directly with duly elected tenant association officers to promote and encourage residents' active involvement in all aspects of NHA'S mission and operation.

Resident Advisory Board

The Reform Act of 1998, (also known as the Quality Housing and Work Responsibility Act or QHWRA), requires each public housing authority with over 250 units to establish a Resident Advisory Board that reflects and represents the residents assisted by the public housing agency. NHA's Resident Advisory Board consists of each public housing tenant association president, the president of the Authority's one Section 202 housing and several tenant based Section 8 residents. The role of the RAB is to assist the NHA in developing the Public Housing Agency Plan and in reviewing any significant amendment or modification to the plan.

RAB meetings are open to the public. However, the procedure for speaking is that only persons representing the residents at the meeting may speak.

Community Room Attendants Program

The primary purpose of Community Room Attendant volunteers is to perform attendant duties at NHA senior/mixed development community rooms for three- and four-hour shifts, Monday through Saturday, or unless otherwise designated by the sponsoring tenant association and agreed to by the asset manager.

A total of three Community Room volunteers per building will complete the daily roster of attendants. Attendants will provide 12 hours daily of community room coverage. An alternate may be identified to cover any shortfall in attendance. A successful attendant must gain and hold the respect and confidence of the public. To accomplish this, attendant must perform their duties in an efficient, honest and business-like manner. An attendant constantly exhibits exemplary customer service.

Food for a Better Mood

In order to assure that our residents never suffer from hunger, the Newark Housing Authority and the Community Food Bank of New Jersey have established a relationship, which allows us to create a community service linkage program to distribute food to our residents on a monthly basis.

Non-profit organizations served by the Community Food Bank provide food assistance to as many as 537,000 low-income people in the state each year. Many of the households that are being served include at least one employed adult. At the end of each month most of our NHA tenant associations receive their food distribution from the Community Food Bank. Residents are advised of the date, time and location of distribution. Names are collected of food recipients and held for review by the food bank. A list is also attached to record tenant association activities. An increasing number of residents are currently receiving food from twenty different participating associations. Many tenant association volunteers admit to gaining personal satisfaction from knowing they've helped to make a difference to a family in need.