NHA Public Housing Waiting List Status Check Information Sheet

Occupancy Department - Note: This is Not for Section 8 Applicants


Please read the following important information before attempting to check your status on the waiting list. Once you have read the information below please register by clicking the Register tab in the upper right hand corner.


How to Remain on the Newark Housing Authority Public Housing Waiting List:


As an applicant, you can check your status on the waiting list by simply going to http://www.newarkha.org/wl/Wait-List-Status or by using the designated terminals at NHA’s central office lobby. Terminal access is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm at 500 Broad Street, 1st floor, Newark, New Jersey 07102.


Waiting List Selection Procedure:


Please be mindful that there are over 12,000 applicants on the waiting list.  Therefore, it may be some time before your name reaches the top of a waiting list. When your name reaches the top of the waiting list, NHA will notify you by first-class mail.  The notice will inform your family of the following: 


-  Date, time and location of the scheduled application interview, including any procedures for rescheduling the interview

-  Who is required to attend the interview

-  Documents that must be provided at the interview to document the legal identity of household members

-  Documents that must be provided at the interview to document eligibility for a preference, if applicable

-  Other documents and information that should be brought to the interview


Selection from the waiting list is based on your date and time stamp of application, lottery position, selection preferences, development choice(s) and apartment size. Please note that any time NHA attempts to contact you by mail and you do not respond your application will be withdrawn from the Public Housing waiting list.  We will send the appointment letter and any other correspondence to the address of record.


The wait list status check is temporarily closed while we bring you a new improved application.
You can check your status by calling our customer service center at: