Terrell McCoy

Director of Communications

Terrell McCoy, Jr., MA, brings a wealth of experience from international media giants such as ESPN, TV One, and the Smithsonian Channel, as well as experience in the local sector with nonprofits and government. As a proven strategic leader and senior consultant, Terrell excels in managing diverse projects, leading teams, and crafting effective communication plans. As Terrell steps into the role of Director of Communications, expect a hands-on approach, a focus on impactful communication strategies, and a dedication to elevating the Authority's public image through tangible actions, transparency and most importantly, results Terrell is a proud HBCU graduate of Oakwood University and also holds a Master of Arts from Full Sail University. Beyond his professional achievements, Terrell is actively involved in volunteerism and civic engagement. As an active member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and various leadership roles in local organizations, he gladly contributes to the community and mentors youth in whatever capacity that he can. Terrell McCoy, Jr. is not just a communication expert; he is a strategic visionary, creative force, and leader committed to making a positive impact in the world of communication and beyond.